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A Simple Request

See this?

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Could you guys please stop doing this? Y'know, the whole "article within an article" thing? It's not normally something I'd have a problem with; having the old article there for reference might be more convenient than being given the link and swapping between stories. HOWEVER, it also kills discussion. How does it do this?

Well, in the article I snipped a portion of for the picture, it talks about the recent Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut, something I'm interested in and would have loved to talk about, or even simply read others' discussions of it. Sadly, because the review of the original game was essentially stapled onto the end of the main article, it decided to bring all of the comments from said review along with it. Instead of finding discussions concerning the Director's Cut, I found a slew of 2-year-old comment strings hogging the majority of the comment space and actively discouraging Director's Cut talk, as new comments get shoved below any discussion with 2 or more people.


So... could you guys please stop doing article embeds? That, or figure out how to stop it from importing comments? I hate seeing articles ruin their discussion potential like this.

(Author's note: This is my first time using the new Talk Amongst Yourself section, so forgive me if I didn't quite "do it right" this time.)


EDIT: No, I have no idea why the headline picture on the main tayclassic feed looks so... awful. Sorry about that, whatever it is.

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